Luminary Media began documenting the organic, steady growth throughout New York’s Hudson Valley in the summer of 1993. Our goal was to nourish and support the creative and cultural life here. And while documenting a wide range of happenings through the lense of Chronogram magazine, we not only found our own voice, but began acting as a catalyst for positive social change.

Since then, we’ve added the regional title, Explore The Hudson Valley; the stunning homes, captivating design and jaw-dropping real estate opportunities within Upstate House; and the excitement around arriving in the country for millennials (in actuality or at heart) with Upstater magazine. Each publication has it’s own dedicated digital property, with rapidly growing social media voicing that reaches well beyond the New York region.

Luminary Media has grown in the last 3 years to add a full-service creative marketing & media agency. This division conceptualizes digital content (web, video, sales & marketing collateral) as well as publishes custom print publications for multiple clients. These include retail, travel & tourism, economic development alliances, restaurant, farm, technology, manufacturing, arts and other sectors.

Luminary Media’s mission is to strategically disseminate media and create live events that nourish and support the creative life of our region. We aim to demonstrate this paradigm of creativity in action to spread positive messaging in like-minded markets around the world.